Made in Switzerland.

Art print designs, original images by Andy Davies.

NEW Black + White Mountain Hiking Framed Portfolio Prints - 17 new images from the Swiss Alps...
NEUE! Schwarzweiß-Fotografieportfolio für Bergwanderungen
17 Drucke auf 30 cm x 40 cm großem Archivpapier mit 4 cm Rand in Aluminiumrahmen mit Passepartout (weiß) zum Aufhängen. CHF 49 pro Druck (mit Rahmen) inkl. Versand in die Schweiz und in die EU.

Brienzergrat. Also called Hardergrat, it is actually three ridges, it starts as Brienzergrat (from Brienzer Rothorn to Ällgäulücke) then becomes Riedergrat as far as Augstmatthorn and ends as Hardergrat (the remainder of the ridge all the way to Interlaken). It is rated one of the most difficult and one of the most beautiful in Switzerland. My new 56 page black and white book features dozens of beautiful panoramas and a detailed introduction to this legendary ridge hike.

Zürich, Switzerland — Inspired by classic travel posters of yesteryear, I created a set of my own vintage style Swiss travel art prints — illustrations from my original photographs using colour palettes sourced from golden age originals.

Each limited edition print is printed on high quality archival card stock perfect for framing. MADE IN SWITZERLAND! Only CHF 29 ($29) each.

- Best of Zürich 30 cm x 40 cm prints (Zürich)
- Switzerland Destinations A3 prints (29.7 x 42 cm) (Swiss Travel Destinations)
- Zermatt/Matterhorn, 30 cm x 40 cm
CHF 29 ($29) each.
- Additional sizes are available to order. Please email for more information.

Three series of art print designs, Series II, Best of Zürich - 30 cm x 40 cm with pure image, no typography, and a 4 cm off-white border ready to frame. Series I A3 (29.7 x 42 cm) Best of Switzerland (Gruyeres, Lauterbrunnen and more) with city/destination typography lower right, black keyline border and 4 cm off white card stock ready to frame. Zermatt/Matterhorn - 30 cm x 40 cm with pure image, no typography, and a 4 cm off-white border ready to frame.

Shipping is CHF 10 ($10) flat rate -- order 1 or a dozen, shipping cost is the same. Please expect 1-2 weeks shipping. If expedited shipping is needed, for special orders/sizes, or to pay via bank draft in Switzerland, please email. Thank you for visiting! Please also check out my new magazine, Been Magazine, launched in January 2019!